What We Do

We offer a wide range of aviation services including Professional Pilot Services – Domestic and International – Ferry Services, Aircraft Evaluations (Flight Test) and Deliveries, Cessna Citation Crew Mentoring – IOE/SOE (FAA and Insurance Underwriters Restrictions), Avionics Systems and Crew Training, Aviation Department Development, Aircraft Management Services, Aircraft Cost Analysis, Owner Trustee, and General Aviation Expert Witness.  We carry WORKERS COMP Insurance. The first Cessna Citation 500 was delivered to American Airlines in late January 1972 and there have been 7,266 Cessna Citations built since August 15, 2017.

  • Professional Pilot Services - Domestic and International – Ferry Services

    We are here to support you on all the Cessna Citation models from the Citation I/SP to the Citation X+ under Federal Aviation Administration Regulations FAR Part 91. We can stand-in if you just purchased your Citation and have not had time to select a crew or if your present crew needs to attend school for the required rating. We can help operators meet insurance and FAA requirements as well as help familiarize the crew with the systems and operations of the aircraft (IOE/SOE). Pilot services are available to alleviate your unexpected pilot shortage due to family emergencies, vacation, illness, required crew member training, or on those occasions when two pilots are desired for special trips. You may even want to consider using our services in lieu of a full-time crew member. Generally, contract pilot services are less expensive if your flight needs are under 180 days per year.

    Our in-cockpit flight materials include Jeppesen Enroute (paper) and Approach Charts for the entire United States with two iPad mini’s as well as the Jeppesen FliteStar Flight Planning Program. We are also set up with a number of fuel discount programs throughout the United States and many international countries. Continuing education and training is an important part of our organization. In keeping with the high degree of professionalism, we maintain a full-service training agreement with FlightSafety International and ATI (Air Training International Ltd.). We are also a participant with Alere eScreen RANDOM drug testing.

  • International Ferry Services

    JB Aviation has been providing International Ferry Services to our Citation aircraft clients since 1998. We have made over thirty Atlantic and Pacific crossing and supported operations in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Jamaica, Aruba and Europe. We contract with Universal Weather and Aviation as our third-party agent when required. Based on the aircraft equipment and authorization, we may be able to assist you with a Short-term RVSM, NAT-HLA and RNP under the Operating Control of JB Aviation, LLC for “N” registered aircraft. We also assist clients as a crewmember in their areas of operations until they become familiar with the aircraft or to meet company and insurance requirements.

    JB Aviation maintains a full-service training agreement with FlightSafety International and ATI (Air Training International) Training. We are also a member of Alere eScreen RANDOM drug testing – DOT approved program. We also monitor vaccinations for JB Aviation employees for the regions of travel.

    What we bring to the cockpit: Jeppesen Enroute (paper) and Approach Charts for the entire route with two iPad mini’s as well as the Jeppesen FliteStar Flight Planning Program and a Motorola 9505A Satellite Iridium Phone for backup communication.  If  a Liferaft is needed for the flight we can accommodate the requirement. We also offer Liferafts for rental.

  • Aircraft Evaluations and Deliveries

    JB Aviation, LLC will act as an advisor or agent from the beginning of the selection process until your Citation is ready to be flown to its new location.

    We will help you determine the best Citation that meets your flight and financial requirements. After your aircraft is selected and ready for delivery, we will conduct a complete systems check on the ground and continue the systems check with a flight that generally runs just under two hours.

    If the aircraft is to go through a pre-delivery inspection that’s agreed upon by both parties, we can oversee the process and act as your agent until the inspection is complete. We highly recommend that any pre-delivery inspection be performed at a Cessna Citation-owned or factory-authorized facility.

    We can help staff your plane until a crew is available and stay until the crew is familiar with the aircraft and/or the crew’s training requirements are met. Our loyalty is with you, the client, and we are committed to providing all of the services necessary until the acquisition is completed to your satisfaction.

    We can also supervise new aircraft deliveries from Cessna Aircraft located here in Wichita, Kansas. We are capable of acting as your agent during the manufacturing process of your Citation through direct contact with your Customer Solutions Manager (CSM). We will also be available during your Equipment Specification Session, advising you and your crew on equipment and furnishing recommendations. When your aircraft is scheduled for delivery, we can assist with the delivery and acceptance flight, reposition the aircraft to your home base, and extend our stay to accommodate scheduled flights if needed.

  • Cessna Citation Crew Mentoring – IOE/SOE

    Obtaining a new aircraft type rating can be very challenging to anyone. The time spent in the classroom and in the Flight Simulator should give you a good feel and understanding of the aircraft and its systems. What JB Aviation can offer is real time experience in the aircraft. With over 8000+ hours in Citations over the past 20+ years with destinations around the world, we can bring our experience to the cockpit.

    We can spend as much time with you and your operation as you require. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe in the aircraft.

    If requested, we can work closely with your insurance broker and underwriter to develop a training curriculum that you and the underwriter will be able to sign-off on. Underwriters have at times required the crewmember to log as much as 100 flight hours *IOE/SOE before endorsing them to serve as a PIC or SIC. In most cases, we have been able to reduce the required flight time considerably. If the crewmember has logged over 200 flight hours in jets and over 1,000 flight hours the required *IOE/SOE has been much lower.

    We strongly caution that you do not let your broker contact any of the insurance underwriters until you have had an opportunity to meet with a professional. Over the years, I have been asked to help with the training and then find out the owner, company pilot, or broker has already flooded the market obtaining quotes, and they find themselves having to pay a higher premium than necessary. Once an insurance underwriter has given you a quote, they usually will not quote the policy again for a minimum of 6 months to a year. We have been successful in creating an agreeable training curriculum that generally reduces the required flight hours of training or supervision.

    *IOE (Initial Operating Experience) and SOE (Supervised Operating Experience)

  • Avionics Systems and Crew Training

    The days of just having an aircraft equipped with the basic flight instrument in addition to a VOR/DME and ADF to serve you as your main source of navigation are behind us. Today’s avionics advancements in technology with the glass cockpits and the various FMS units available to us, require time for the pilots to become familiar with and adapt to this new technology. Cockpit Resource Management also plays a big role in this new technology. We can spend time with your crew until they become comfortable and proficient with these new systems.

  • Aircraft Management Services

    JB Aviation, LLC is an Aviation Management Consultant Company specializing in Cessna Citation aircraft. As a client we will sit down with you and discuss your organization’s travel and financial requirements, then tailor a program both parties are in agreement with.  This arrangement can be on a short-term or long-term basis.

    We are able to provide a professional full-service flight department that will make your Cessna Citation aircraft more cost-effective. Our primary goal is to provide the highest standards in business aviation and safety, allowing your organization to focus on other areas of your company.

    JB Aviation, LLC will take you through every step of the process regarding the ways and means of setting up a professional flight department that will serve your organization. We will provide crew support while meeting all insurance and training requirements, work closely with the aircraft manufacturer to track maintenance and upgrades such as Service Letters and Service Bulletins that keep you abreast of upcoming maintenance events, regulations within the industry, and provide a comprehensive yearly budget with monthly reports that strive to keep costs down without sacrificing safety and morale

    In summary, our Aircraft Management Service will:

    • Provide a professional team of players to oversee your daily aircraft activity
    • Provide all of the in-services for your aviation department
    • Provide skilled, dedicated crew members that you will know, trust and respect
    • Generate monthly utilization reports and consolidated billing
    • Meet quarterly with your organization and keep the lines of communication open


  • Aircraft Cost Analysis

    We have the tools at our disposal to analyze and compare the various aircraft makes and models to present to you.

    The areas we help analyze and compare include:

    • Calculating your investment return on aircraft you own
    • Calculating the hours of utilization required to break even
    • Calculating your net revenue on leasebacks and managed aircraft
    • Provide monthly cash flows on aircraft you own
    • Working with any type of aircraft
    • Provide a company aircraft cost analysis
    • Provide individual aircraft cost analysis
    • Manage aircraft cost analysis
    • Chartering leaseback cost analysis
    • Provide a rental leaseback cost analysis
    • Provide a joint ownership cost analysis
    • Provide a fractional cost analysis
    • Provide a rental or charter cost analysis


  • Owner Trustee

    JB Aviation II, LLC can serve as owner trustee to secure U.S. registered aircraft for non-U.S. citizen corporations and individuals.  For further information on this service please email us at or contact our office at (316) 688-0050.

  • General Aviation Expert Witness and Consultant

    JB Aviation, LLC was founded in 1998. My background experience includes 38 years in General and Corporate Aviation, logging over 16,000 + accident free flight hours. Hold an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate along with an CFI Gold Seal (Certified Flight Instructor – Airplane-Instrument & Multi-engine). Background also includes Air Taxi Operations – FAR Part 135, Flight Training FAR Part 141 Flight Schools and FAR Part 142 Training Centers. Also include services – Aviation Department Development, Short-Term Aircraft Management, Aircraft Cost Analysis, Aircraft Evaluations and Deliveries, Aircraft Systems and Crew Training, Ferry Flight Services and SOE/IOE training requirements.

    Experience includes operations in the domestic US and International regions with over 20 North Atlantic and Pacific crossings. Supported operations in Aruba, Jamaica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Germany. Currently hold five Cessna Citation type rating with over 8,000 flight hours in turbofan jets aircraft.

    I maintain a full-service training agreement with FlightSafety International and with Air Training International. I am also a member Alere eScreen RANDOM drug testing.

    Areas of Expertise:

    • CFR Title 14 Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s)
    • Aircraft Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Systems
    • Advanced Avionics Systems including Glass Cockpits, GPS, FMS, TAWS, TCAS Systems
    • Aviation Weather and Cold-weather Operations
    • CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) and Crew Decision-making
    • Flight Instruction – Fixed-wing
    • International Operations and Procedures
    • IOE/SOE (Initial Operation Experience/Supervised Operation Experience)
    • High Altitude airport operations

    FAA Programs:

    • FAASTeam Representative (Formerly FAA Accident Prevention Counselor) since 1984

    Safety Awards:

    • NBAA Corporate Business Flying Safety Award – JB Aviation, LLC (18 Years)
    • NBAA Pilot Safety Award – 16,000 Hours
    • Arkansas Aviation Safety Counselor Award – 1997
    • FAA Aviation Safety Counselor of the Year Award (Southwest Region) – 1997
    • FAA Pilot Proficiency Award Program Phase XI

    Professional Affiliations:

    • Air Force Association
    • National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA)
    • NBAA Citation 500, 600 and 700 Series Technical Committee
    • Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA)
    • National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)
    • Wichita Aero Club

    Accident-free Flight Hours:

    • 16,000+ (FAA ASEL Private Pilot received June 1973) Drug-Free Program – Alere eScreen

    FAA Rating and Types:

    • ATP – Airline Transport Rating, ASEL – Airplane Single-engine Land, ASES – Airplane Single-engine Sea, AMEL –  Airplane Multi-Engine Land
    • CFI – A, I and ME (FAA Certificated Flight Instructor since 1978)
    • Type Ratings – Cessna Citation C525S series, Cessna Citation C500 series, Cessna Citation 560XL series, Cessna Citation 650 series and Cessna Citation 680 series


    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Mira Costa Community College – Palomar Community College