Aircraft Evaluations and Deliveries

JB Aviation, LLC will act as an advisor or agent from the beginning of the selection process until your Citation is ready to be flown to its new location.

We will help you determine the best Citation that meets your flight and financial requirements. After your aircraft is selected and ready for delivery, we will conduct a complete systems check on the ground and continue the systems check with a flight that generally runs just under two hours.

If the aircraft is to go through a pre-delivery inspection that’s agreed upon by both parties, we can oversee the process and act as your agent until the inspection is complete. We highly recommend that any pre-delivery inspection be performed at a Cessna Citation-owned or factory-authorized facility.

We can help staff your plane until a crew is available and stay until the crew is familiar with the aircraft and/or the crew’s training requirements are met. Our loyalty is with you, the client, and we are committed to providing all of the services necessary until the acquisition is completed to your satisfaction.

We can also supervise new aircraft deliveries from Cessna Aircraft located here in Wichita, Kansas. We are capable of acting as your agent during the manufacturing process of your Citation through direct contact with your Customer Solutions Manager (CSM). We will also be available during your Equipment Specification Session, advising you and your crew on equipment and furnishing recommendations. When your aircraft is scheduled for delivery, we can assist with the delivery and acceptance flight, reposition the aircraft to your home base, and extend our stay to accommodate scheduled flights if needed.