Aircraft Management Services

JB Aviation, LLC is an Aviation Management Consultant Company specializing in Cessna Citation aircraft. As a client we will sit down with you and discuss your organization’s travel and financial requirements, then tailor a program both parties are in agreement with. This arrangement can be on a short-term or long-term basis.

We are able to provide a professional full-service flight department that will make your Cessna Citation aircraft more cost-effective. Our primary goal is to provide the highest standards in business aviation and safety, allowing your organization to focus on other areas of your company.

JB Aviation, LLC will take you through every step of the process regarding the ways and means of setting up a professional flight department that will serve your organization. We will provide crew support while meeting all insurance and training requirements, work closely with the aircraft manufacturer to track maintenance and upgrades such as Service Letters and Service Bulletins that keep you abreast of upcoming maintenance events, regulations within the industry, and provide a comprehensive yearly budget with monthly reports that strive to keep costs down without sacrificing safety and morale

In summary, our Aircraft Management Service will:

  • Provide a professional team of players to oversee your daily aircraft activity
  • Provide all of the in-services for your aviation department
  • Provide skilled, dedicated crew members that you will know, trust and respect
  • Generate monthly utilization reports and consolidated billing
  • Meet quarterly with your organization and keep the lines of communication open